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New IP-65 Wall mounted enclosures New IP-65 Wall mounted enclosures May 13. The new range of surface enclosures IP65 Acqua Plus is composed by 4 models that go from 18 to 72 modules. These enclosures have been designed for its application in the tertiary sector and in harsh environments . Its main characteristics are the fast and easy installation as well as its ergonomic design studied to make easier the access to the enclosure once it is installed thorough a secure opening/closing door system.
NEW FAMATEL UK SUBSIDIARY NEW FAMATEL UK SUBSIDIARY May 13. Following our international expansion through the opening of own subsidiaries during this month of February we have inagurated Famatel UK to takeover of UK market . This new branch office will be leaded by Mr.Robert Pratts who has a wide experience on the british market . With this new opening we have reached fourth subsidiaries covering the British, French, Czech and Bulgarian markets .